Who We Are

We are a ministry that seeks to provide a nurturing Christian environment that aides children in developing their full potential.  We strive to teach quality academics and meet/ exceed the state standards of Ohio, while fostering a spiritual environment that causes a student to think from a 'Kingdom of God' perspective.

Salem Christian Academy was first chartered as a K-3rd grade school by the Ohio Department of Education on June 13, 1988.  Subsequently, each grade level was chartered as it was established.  The charter for K-6th grade was received November 8, 1993.   SCA was re-chartered in June of 2007, and has since expanded to service pre-k 3's-8th grade. Our preschool program is licensed through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.  We use a variety of curriculum including A Beka, Bob Jones University Press, Loyola Press.  In addition, the core curriculum is supplemented by classes in Art, Music and Physical Education.  

Our desire is to equip the hearts and minds of young leaders for life.  We expect students to leave SCA ready to positively impact their peers and excel academically in the next step of their educational experience.

Some at risk needs, such as learning and speech differences may be met through Northmont special services. These programs are available with parental consent, to students who qualify to receive additional instruction to strengthen their weaknesses.

SCA  has an enrollment of 151 students  in the elementary portion and an additional 90 students attending the preschool.  The average classroom size is 16 students per 1 teacher in the elementary and our numbers in the preschool are below state required ratios.